From prefabricated building to a showpiece

Instead of simply tearing down a solidly constructed prefabricated building from the 1970s and replacing it with a new one, Ascherslebener Gebäude- und Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH in Saxony-Anhalt in Germany took a more sustainable and innovative path and implemented the first CO2-free and largely energy self-sufficient apartment building in Germany.

Lydabsorberende træbetonplader fra Troldtekt anvendes ofte som akustikloft i boligbyggeri

Under the "Autarkie Team" led by Managing Director Timo Leukefeld from Freiberg in Saxony, 22 two-, three-, four- and five-room apartments with a living area of approx. 1,773 square metres were built as part of the pioneering pilot project on Kopernikusstraße in Aschersleben.

Where 60 apartments with 2,843 square metres of living space were once housed in the typical "GDR apartment" style, there are now contemporary, accessible apartments with large balconies for all age groups, which have been renovated in accordance with the German Federal Government’s climate protection goals for 2045 and are extremely attractive for all tenants thanks to a special rental price model. For example, the guaranteed rent charge with five years of energy flat rate includes all costs for living, heating, cold and hot water as well as household electricity – for €11.50/m² for apartments without a lift or €12/m² with a lift.


Solar cells on the roof and on the façade

More than half of the electricity required is generated by the solar cells on the pitched roof and on the façade. The residual electricity is purchased from 100 percent green electricity from the regional electricity provider. The solar power is also used for a car-sharing car in front of the building, which can be booked via an app after registration. The use of this vehicle is not included, however.


Feel-good atmosphere and innovative heating system

Another special feature of the renovated prefabricated building is the heating system. Instead of water-based heating, every apartment has solar-powered infrared panels that heat all rooms quickly and efficiently and are generally less maintenance-intensive than a heat pump, for example. The panels in the same colour installed on the white ceilings are also visually more discreet than traditional radiators. Combined with brown and grey floors and matching Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceilings, a cosy feel-good atmosphere is created in all apartments.