Flagship school on the outskirts of Munich

In the municipality of Karlsfeld, a modern new building based on the "Munich Learning House" principle sets standards for a contemporary and innovative school as a place of learning and well-being.

Loftsbeklædning med akustikplader fra Troldtekt i skolebyggeri

If you want to know what the school of the future looks like, take a look at the municipality of Karlsfeld on the north-west edge of Munich. The City of Munich commissioned Munich architects h4a Gessert + Randecker to build a new six-year all-day primary school according to the Munich "Munich Learning House" concept for 41 million euros. The Bavarian Chamber of Architects has included it in the "Architektouren 2022" publication as a particularly worthwhile building to see.


Four "Learning Houses" in cluster arrangement

A modern school and sports hall complex with generous open spaces has been built in the middle of the town on the park-like plot of the old union primary school, which offers space for a total of four connected "Learning Houses" in two building clusters.

The slat-like façade with many large, floor-to-ceiling windows makes the modern school complex appear transparent, open and inviting from the outside.

The central point of contact on the ground floor for the around 500 school children in total is the spacious auditorium and canteen, which are separated from each other by a mobile glass wall and can be combined into a large room that can also be used as an external event venue.


Modern design concept with lots of glass, wood and colourful colours

In each "Learning House", the classrooms, childcare, inclusion and other ancillary rooms are arranged around a centre that is shared by all six classes of the respective grade and can easily be converted into a cinema, learning workshop or reading room. Each "Learning House", which can also be accessed via external stairs, also has a terrace.

The interior design concept of the new building is characterised by the use of lots of glass and birch wood, which creates a bright and natural feel-good atmosphere. Each "Learning House" is also characterised by a specific colour (light and dark green, yellow and orange) that can be found on walls and stairs – both inside and out – as well as on furniture and other furnishings, creating a cheerful contrast to grey floors and exposed concrete walls.

Natural and coloured acoustic panels are used on the ceilings throughout the school and sports halls, which support the design concept with their appearance and ensure optimal acoustics, especially in the spacious communal areas.